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Inesfly products provides safe and affordable methods of beautifying your environment and protecting your family from insects-pests and diseases. Inesfly products provides safe and affordable methods of beautifying your environment and protecting your family from insects-pests and diseases. pests such as mosquitos, flies, termites and so many others represent one of the most serious forms of hazards for public health….
These insects are one of the main transmitters of epidemic diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chagas disease and many others.

Worldwide, the World Health Organization estimates that more than 3 billion people have been affected with diseases transmitted by these insects.

Inesfly Products will considerably increase the quality of life for those using our products. With no side effects, Inesfly products will drastically reduce the amount of insects, such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches in your direct surroundings and immediately improve your living conditions as well as your health and hygiene conditions.

Inesfly Insecticide Paint will keep your residence, office, factory, warehouse or manholes free of insects for a period of up to two years, while also giving your buildings a beautiful look with our wide selection of paint colours.

Inesfly uses a new technology with polymeric microcapsules that allow the insecticides within all our products to be released in a gradual and slow manner into spaces where our products is used therefore prolonging the active duration of the ingredients whilst remaining totally safe and harmless to humans and pets.


Our 2in1 insecticide paint meets your aesthetic  and health needs


Say goodbye to disease causing insects when you use inesfly products at home, and for other professional uses.


Double value for the prices of 1! Save more with inesfly 2 in1 insecticide products


From Inesfly Corporation situated in Spain, Inesfly Africa was established in Ghana in 2011 to cater for the African market in which vector-borne diseases are prevalent. Company operations have now spread to Nigeria and rapidly growing across the nation to help eradicate insect-pests and control vector borne diseases.
Our technology, borne out of over 20 years of research, incorporates different active ingredients (natural products, biocides, etc) into a polymeric microcapsule that is introduced into our wall paints and other products and then gradually released when applied on surfaces.


Dignity of persons

All our effort is directed to restore dignity of people living with precarious health conditions by the massive presence of insects in their homes.

Social Responsibility

A portion of our profit is aimed at the realization of projects for improvement of health and vocational training of persons, in particular of indigenous women.

Solutions /efficiency

Our research is aimed at the timely solution of concrete problems affecting public health, agriculture, or the sector of veterinary.


Our staff (administration, scientific and manufacturing) are committed to accomplishing the objectives of the company.


We seek excellence in our work and aspire to be pioneers in the technologies that we develop.


To contribute towards the eradication of vectors. We maintain a research center and other manufacturing factory.


To be a world leader in vector control, which transmits endemic diseases or causes discomfort in the lives of people, and improve their living conditions, above all the people most disadvantaged..


Dr. Pilar Mateo

She is President of Inesfly Corporation and Director of Inesfly Africa.
She has a Doctorate in Chemistry, awarded by the University of Valencia and the Spanish National Research Council. She also has an honorary degree from the University of Anahuac in Mexico.
A renowned Spanish scientist and dedicated humanitarian, Dr. Pilar Mateo, developed the Inesfly Technique for Vector Control.
Through the Pilar Mateo Knowledge in Action Foundation she makes a profound impact in the lives of indigenous people in Africa and South America. She is the Founder of the Movement of the World’s Indigenous Women, focusing on the improvement of the living conditions of women, through training, employment and sport.

Dr. Pilar Mateo is also a member of Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and a special member of the Unesco Forum. She has received many national and international awards such as: Ashoka Fellow 2011. Professional Woman Reward 2012 (FEDEPE) Spain. Europa Award in New Technologies. International “Prix de la Innovation” (Tunisia 2006) Gold Medal in Bio-chemistry by the World Royal Academy of Sciences and Humanities. High Distinction of the Government of Valencia. Top Ten Scientific Woman in Spain. UNICEF in Health and Environment.

For further information about the extraordinary story of Dr. Pilar Mateo´s life, please visit the website: www.pilarmateo.com

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