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On 2nd February, 2016, Inesfly paints and body repellents were supplied to the Sanitary Unit of the Spanish Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense for its application on the infrastructure of the barracks and on all kind of textiles (INESFLY EM HOUSE NG) as insecticide products with a high level of satisfaction for the results obtained. Additionally, the body repellent INESFLY BODY for the personal care of soldiers. Inesfly

Humberto Espin Jaramillo Mayo ICIV, deputy section Ecuadorian Army engineering in 12th April 2013 had only good things to say concerning Inesfly Insecticide Paint,This paint can be applied on walls, ceilings, smooth surfaces, rough concrete, metal, wood, etc. It can be used in the warehouses or stores of clothing, food, bedrooms, kitchens and dining area. It can also be used in places where it is necessary to maintain the maximum hygiene such as military dependencies, medical centers such as operating rooms, hospital wards. It can also be applied in veterinary facilities, kennels, barns and stables or as an external antiparasitic product of horse cattle.”

INESFLY has provided its products for the Spanish Armed Forces in its international missions with NATO and other programs in Africa, Europe and Mexico and Colombia in South America, with the approval of WHO.

It is therefore a powerful tool in the fight against insect‐borne diseases in countries where Spanish troops are acting in peacekeeping operations and where these diseases are endemic. It has dual purposes, as it serves for members of our Armed Forces to be hygienically safe, and avoid returning to Spain with diseases they might have contacted at the front. This product also has application in facilities and infrastructure as well as in all types of equipment, including uniforms not only our troops but also from other NATO countries.



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