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Inesfly Nigeria Partners With Battabox to Transform A Life


Inesfly Nigeria, distributors of Inesfly Insecticide paint in Nigeria partnered with Battabox DIY squad to transform the life of a reformed Agbero (local tout) in Lagos Nigeria. Mr Abiola, popularly called Biggie, is afflicted by Polio and confined to a wheel chair. He lives in a poorly constructed home that seems quite inconvenient for a person with his disabilities. In a bid to bring comfort to him, the DIY squad approached Inesfly Nigeria to help improve the Mr Abiola’s life.

Inesfly is a wall paint that contains microencapsulated insecticide which repels insects carrying diseases such as mosquitos, flies and cockroaches in your direct surroundings and immediately improves your living, health and hygiene conditions.. Inesfly Nigeria donated the paints used to renovate Biggie’s life. The paint will serve to beautify his walls, bring color to his life and repel insects.

Watch the video below:



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  • Daramola Kehinde
    August 23, 2017, 8:30 am REPLY

    I’m really impressed with the quality of Inesfly Paint. First of its kind in Nigeria. Keep up the great work.

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