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Inesfly wins Brand of the Year 2016

brand of the year

With a vision to eradicate malaria in Africa while being a leader in the micro-encapsulation of insecticides, Inesfly Africa took home the prestigious Ghanaian award of brand of the year 2016 in the just concluded Brands Leadership award 2016. Inesfly Africa was also awarded Top Brand of the year and received a citation for being a socially responsible company.

The company’s CEO Mr Michael Sjodin expressed his appreciation for the recognition while giving merit to the members of staff of Inesfly Africa. Citifmonline quoted him as saying, “Inesfly Africa is ever committed towards innovation and improving lives of   Ghanaians and the people of Africa as a whole through our range of safe insecticide solutions.”

Inesfly Africa has undertaken various projects focused on healthcare in the country like building the Adenkrabi Clinic in Ghana which serves over 900,000 people in the Ga East Municipality, the treatment of the Tema General Hospital, Emergency Unit of the Ridge Regional Hospital, Princess Marie Louise Children Hospital and The Accident & Emergency Ward of The University of Cape Coast Hospital.

Inesfly Insecticide Paint as a high-tech 2 in 1 paint does not only beautify but obviously vaccinates your buildings, protecting you and all that you hold valuable from destructive insects and diseases.

Approved by Nafdac and the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Inesfly Insecticide paint has a vast range of colours to choose from to give your buildings the desired aesthetic.  Its non-toxic nature has made it absolutely safe for both household and industrial use.

The Inesfly technology was developed by its founder and renowned scientist, Dr. Pilar Mateo, consists of polymeric micro-encapsulated capsules that allow insecticides to be released in a gradual and slow manner, thereby prolonging the efficacy and reducing the toxicity of the active ingredients making it completely safe for humans and pets.


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